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About Window Tinting Films
Fusion Tinting are pleased to offer Solar Gard window tint films, one of only seventeen products recognised by the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) to reduce energy consumption in public and commercial buildings. Solar Gard window film can be sized to fit any glass door or window, making it an easily implemented measure for all public, commercial and residential buildings that are trying to be more ecologically friendly. Organisations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint can easily and cost-effectively include Solar Gard window film as part of an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Solar Gard window film reduces the amount of solar energy transmitted through glass, and significantly reduces energy transmission (in many cases, from up to 87% to as low as 30%), keeping the interior environment more consistent and comfortable, and easing strain on HVAC systems.

The benefits of Solar Gard window film extend far beyond energy reduction. In commercial buildings, professionally installed window films contribute to the overall safety, comfort and productivity of employees inside the building. Should a man-made or natural disaster strike, Solar Gard window films act as a protective barrier from broken glass, keeping shattered pieces from entering the building and causing injury or damage to people and property inside. Furthermore, Solar Gard window films are proven to block 99% of cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays. Not only is window film critical for the fight against skin cancer, it also reduces interior fading of furniture and window displays, eliminates solar glare on computer screens as well as uncomfortable heat pockets.
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